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Mark Rosewater on Mike Long

Mark Rosewater on Mike Long & Storytelling

30 Months, 160 Hours

I Came to Game is currently eighteen months into production. We have filmed over 150 hours of interviews and events in Japan, Honolulu, Seattle, Chicago, Memphis, Austin, Kansas City, and Rome. We will be filming throughout 2011.


New Facebook Group

I Came To Game has a new Facebook group. Come join us!

Parke: Worlds 2008 Tournament Report

by Jamie Parke

It feels as though it’s been more than a decade since I’ve written my last tournament report, and it’s actually been just as long since I’ve had a finish in a Magic tournament that would justify writing one. (“Japan 99!” as Lan D. Ho would constantly scream at me all weekend long. I got sixth place there, losing to Kai Budde in the quarterfinals.)

I stopped playing Magic competitively for the eight years between Worlds 1999 in Tokyo and the beginning of this year. I spent four years in college and the four years after that learning the ins and outs of work. But after all of that, I was able to find some time this spring to make my way to Grand Prix: Philadelphia. There, I qualified for Pro Tour: Hollywood. I placed 50th in Hollywood and followed that up with a 3rd-place finish at Grand Prix: Indianpolis. At this point, my rating was high enough for me to qualify for the looming monster that was the 2008 Magic World Championships in Memphis, Tennessee, giving me the opportunity to smash it right in the face. Continue Reading →

Herberholz: GP LA Tournament Report

In My Odyssey That Was Grand Prix: Los Angeles

by Mark Herberholz

Here is my odyssey that was GP LA.

Day 1

Arrive into LA about a week before the GP on a Thursday to hang out with Paul “Li’l D” Rietzl for a while. He picks me up at the airport and tells me that we are going to a bar called Happy Endings. I am excited when I hear this. We arrive at the bar and it turns out to be not an Asian massage parlor and I receive no “happy ending.” I am unexcited. Turns out they serve alcohol though. I again am excited. Continue Reading →

Coverage: I Came To Game Invitational

by Brian David Marshall

A crowd gathered last night under the skull of the black themed Feature Match area to watch Jon Finkel square off with none other than Mike Long in the semifinal round of the I Came to Game Invitational Continue reading…


Tournament Results

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Jon Finkel Jon Finkel
8 Paul Cheon Jon Finkel
4 Kenji Tsumura Mike Long Jon Finkel
5 Mike Long
2 Gabriel Nassif Patrick Chapin
7 Patrick Chapin Patrick Chapin
3 Michael Turian Michael Turian
6 Mark Herberholz

I Came To Game Invitational

At Worlds 2008 in Memphis, Wizards of the Coast and I Came to Game will be presenting a tournament featuring some of the game’s greats, both past and present. Among those participating are Jon Finkel, Gabriel Nassif, Michael Turian, Kenji Tsumura, Mike Long, Mark Herberholz, Patrick Chapin, and Paul Cheon. Each player will be randomly assigned a deck from the top 8 of Pro Tour: New York 1996, the first Pro Tour. Coverage by the esteemed Brian David-Marshall and Jeff Zandi.


Herberholz: GP Atlanta Tournament Report

by Mark Herberholz

I originally had planned on writing a report for this GP, much like I plan on writing one for every other tournament I go to. Then, like after every other tournament, I come home get distracted by pinkies, poker, and partying. This time, though, I’ve been running bad at poker and needed to take a break before I destroyed my laptop; getting slammed by ruthless three-outers all night will drive you to that. And since I’ve been trying to get a ton of work done rather than party, my break finds me at home at 1 am on a Wednesday night after an MSU basketball game–prime pinkie-patrolling time. But alas here I am, and the only thing of value I can find to do is regale you with my tales from GP Atlanta. Continue Reading →

Mike Long: On The “Metagame”

Mike Long talks about the game beyond the game of Magic and what winning means.

David Williams & John Fiorillo: What Is Enough?

John Fiorillo and David Williams discuss reaching a level of success at Magic that they can be satisfied with…or not.